Katie's Croud Story

What makes you passionate about what you do?

Marketing is an exciting field to be in because it's ever-changing and there’s always something new to learn. Things don’t stay the same for long and it keeps things exciting. I think the constant “go-go-go” creates a passionate environment. 

What led you to Croud?

I found Croud in an article listing the top 100 agencies to work for. I went to the site and there weren’t any jobs open in New York. I emailed anyway and luckily the New York office was growing and had some space on the roster!

What is the most fulfilling thing about working at Croud?

Probably how much we care - about our clients, about our work, and about each other. Working alongside people who are just as passionate about this as I am keeps you going. We truly are like a little family and it gets me through the busier times. 

What is your favorite piece of career advice?

Everything is yours for the taking - work hard, achieve your goals, and claim your success. If you don’t believe in your own success, why should someone else?!

How does your team inspire you?

We work hard, but we also take time to check up on each other over a cup of coffee (or in quarantine, over video chat breakfast dates). Having that time to have a sanity check and step away for a second resets you and motivates you for the rest of your day. We’re also all each other’s biggest cheerleaders and shout up about each other’s accomplishments, which creates good morale throughout the team. 

Describe your journey with Croud so far.

A WHIRLWIND! I have learned so much in the last 2 and a half years and grown so much both personally and professionally due to the space Croud has created. I’ve gotten the chance to work on incredible brands, I’ve gotten promoted, and I’ve been able to travel to the other offices and create international friendships. I wouldn’t change my experience so far for the world (and it isn’t over yet!).

What was your very first job?

My first job ever was actually at a day camp! When I started I used to work with the kindergarteners. A lot of hair braiding and unconditional love. For my pre-retirement job I’ll probably try to work at a nursery school. 


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